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You are not what you do

By Kenzii peters obiadi

Focus-Decide what deserves you. Arriving at destiny involves separating yourself from your gift.

         Many times people confuse who you are with what you do. differentiating between who you are and what you do is critical for your well-being. as I've traveled in inner circles with highly visible people and gotten to know them personally, i have often found that an individual is totally different from what is broadcast on TV or  in public forums.
       Your favorite comedian may not be nearly as jovial off stage as when the cameras are rolling. they are giving their gift and talent to the audience,but that is not an indication of who they are in their daily lives or how they may be feeling. in that same way mean you are the gift.

                Many are drawn to what you do,what you know,or some gift you have and will be totally oblivious to the person you are. you don't have to be famous or on television to understand the distinction

        What you need to understand in this world, is that people are created with different characters,therefore their are many categories of people here in this world. You are gifted in your own way,and is meant for only you to find that gift yourself,utilize it and let the world know what your gifts are

        I am always happy seeing my fellow humans discover their talents,do not let someone use your gift,use you and at the end you remain the same,show them that you ARE your own person.....AND BE REAL.


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