Nude underwear…the worst.says king Godwin Dancy

Guess who we have here, is the newly crowned king of Mr fashion Diamond Universe, i was chanced to have a one on one interview with the amazing king Godwin dancy, and some wonderful pics to display.

How would you describe your personal style where do you pull your inspirations from?
That is an awesome inquiry! A debt of gratitude is in order for thinking about my style. I'd certainly say that the most ideal approach to portray my own style is: flexible. I detest fitting in with a particular style since I'm generally open to venturing out of my usual range of familiarity and exchanging up my looks. I have such a large number of various pieces in my closet and I cherish blending and coordinating to make distinctive outfits with a portion of the same pieces.and I got my motivation from jidenna,he's extremely cool
Do you have any hidden talents
(smiles) yes I do
Do you get to travel a lot for your work? If so what’s your favorite city that you have visited
yes I do, Well think AB…

Joy Is Within Us

What is happiness, and why can weperpetually run once it?

What will it mean to be happy?

What is the distinction between happiness and pleasure?

It is a hot summer day, and you're feeling thirsty. an admirer offers you a refreshing cold glass of fruit drink. howeverdoes one feel after you see the glass? howeverdoes one feel once to drink it?

Will you describe your feeling as happiness or as pleasure? i feelyou may say it'sa senseof enjoyment. there's a association between these 2sorts of feelings, and someday one evokes the opposite, howeverthey're not an equivalentfactor.

Pleasure is perceived through the 5 senses, whereas happiness isn't dependent of the 5 senses.

Pleasure may be asensible feeling that comes from ingestionsensible food, looka decentshow, feeling the nice and cozy caressing rays of the sun on a winter day, or having fin at a celebration. Pleasure must do with enjoyment involving the 5 senses and relies on circumstances, objects and folks.

When you ar ha…

Don't spend much, look simple and classy

You don't need invested excessively energy in the new year to recognize what design patterns will command 2018. The composition is on the divider: Designers, influencers, and all the polished individuals you see in the city appear to be in agreement about a modest bunch of patterns a specific sort of tops, a specific sort of sleeve. Before you know it, those patterns will be at your neighborhood purveyor of quick form; and from that point… ↛You won't have the capacity to go anyplace without seeing them. Along these lines, previously they achieve that level of inescapability, review the 8 mold patterns we're wagering on huge for 2018.
 There are a lot of simple dress u wear, in fashion u don't need to be  bankrupt just to look nice...

You don't have to be bankrupt to look good.

No big surprise fashion is the subject of such a significant number of essential soundbites, those enthusiastic about everything fashion - from creators to models and performing artists - have a propensity for pondering on their most loved theme. Here we have the CEO Kachi_foot wears to show us d unique side of him, in the fashion world He said u don't have to be bankrupt just to look good
Styled by kenzii_wears
I love d word simple
 Face model
 Get to know more about kenzii_wears

Queen b by Clay ft. Aramide

Lively rising Nigeria star clay come through with another out of the case new vibe titled Queen B, On which

fuses the Benchmark distraction act Aramide.

Queen B by Clay and Aramide was made by Coldflame beats. This tune is tied in with finding the internal 'Queen'

, the quality that lies in each a lady if she's truly peers inside. Queen B passes on the message that what is

basic is just the path by which she sees free of her circumstance or conditions.

Tune in To Queen B by Clay and Aramide underneath and share!
Download Queen b by clay ft. Aramide

You're ,your own foundation builder

Waw am here again,just read on ok These inspirational articles are part of articles I wrote for my weekly motivational in schoolTenstrings music institute It was proving a challenge to write an article every week, but one which I  enjoyed a lot. After all, if you are too comfortable and not being challenged then something is wrong. At times you need to get out of your comfort zone and do something that requires more from you. That is the only way we grow and growth is not an option for dreamers – it’s a necessity. I have received a lot of positive feedback on these motivation articles and most of it has been extremely encouraging and positive. I am sure they will be a great help to you as you reach out to your dreams. I sometimes get inspired in my music classes whenever am looking at a musical instrument,it makes me to do more,sometimes i create a motivating song and write up, Music for me is quite scintillating and is a part of me, what have you been proud of,what are you into that …

Vision of a king by Ikake

Vision of a king is a slow steady song, and is mind blowing....i no dey talk too much just click download and find out why....✌✌ride on Ikake....
Download here