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Old times shoot

Old times is a childhood experiences song for every youth , currently peter_walter is working on a song, probably we say a "EP" and he kind of left social media for sometime to re brand and recollect himself, we are waiting to see the magic


WHAT ! you see right now,what’s going on right now,where you are right now, none of those things represent what you’re truly capable of. whether its the most wonderful time in your life or you’re in the pits doesn’t matter if you’re focused on your destiny Keep on pushing ahead because there is more inside you than what you are right now. sooner or later,caterpillars turn into butterflies,tadpole turn into frogs,and eggs turn into chickens. let your vision of your destiny draw out of you the person you really are. when the appointed time comes, you will transform into the fullness of what you were created to be. Remember, keep looking towards whats ahead while you draw on the strength of lessons learned from the past.Have faith in yourself and in God,there is something inside you yet to be discovered,……..FOCUS YOUR ATTENTION ON GETTING IT….. PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT,IF YOU FOUND IT SCINTILLATING,AND LIKE OR RE-BLOG THANKS…..

You are not what you do

By Kenzii peters obiadi

Focus-Decide what deserves you. Arriving at destiny involves separating yourself from your gift.

         Many times people confuse who you are with what you do. differentiating between who you are and what you do is critical for your well-being. as I've traveled in inner circles with highly visible people and gotten to know them personally, i have often found that an individual is totally different from what is broadcast on TV or  in public forums.
       Your favorite comedian may not be nearly as jovial off stage as when the cameras are rolling. they are giving their gift and talent to the audience,but that is not an indication of who they are in their daily lives or how they may be feeling. in that same way mean you are the gift.

                Many are drawn to what you do,what you know,or some gift you have and will be totally oblivious to the person you are. you don't have to be famous or on television to understand the distinction


How to be happy – Don’t Worry, Be Happy

                                       How to be happy – introduction
Is your life passing you by? Are you so focused on your dreams that you are forgetting to enjoy every day to the fullest and be happy with where you are and what you have now? If you are anything like most people that have a burning desire and vision to achieve something, you could be falling into the trap of being so focused on it that you neglect to enjoy each and every moment on your journey to attaining your goals. I can liken it to the tourist who remarked that the country he was visiting had very nice scenery if only the mountains where not blocking the view. He did not see that the mountains were themselves part of the beautiful scenery. I remember a song "Dont worry,be happy", lol, then in my first year lessons in the music school "TENSTRINGS MUSIC INSTITUTE" my class tutor "Miss Gracedion" will always say that whatever thing we are doing in this world we got to be happy and never t…


Waw am here again,just read on ok These inspirational articles are part of articles I wrote for my weekly motivational in school Tenstrings music institute It was proving a challenge to write an article every week, but one which I  enjoyed a lot. After all, if you are too comfortable and not being challenged then something is wrong. At times you need to get out of your comfort zone and do something that requires more from you. That is the only way we grow and growth is not an option for dreamers - it's a necessity.
I have received a lot of positive feedback on these motivation articles and most of it has been extremely encouraging and positive. I am sure they will be a great help to you as you reach out to your dreams. I sometimes get inspired in my music classes whenever am looking at a musical instrument,it makes me to do more,sometimes i create a motivating song and write up, Music for me is quite scintillating and is a part of me, what have you been proud of,what are you into …





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