Old times shoot

Old times is a childhood experiences song for every youth , currently peter_walter is working on a song, probably we say a "EP" and he kind of left social media for sometime to re brand and recollect himself, we are waiting to see the magic

Stretch your level of knowledge

" don't know" are  three of the most powerful words you can utter. That simple confession unlocks the doors to information and exposure. these three powerful words are courageous,spoken most often by those who have a strong sense of self-worth. curious minds utter 'i don't know" because they want to stretch and extend themselves beyond their limited sphere. their confession of ignorance on a particular topic opens the waynfor teachers to enter and offer enlightenment,wisdom insight,and information

                        Do you know it takes courage to admit you don't know something, and courage again to go after knowledge to fill that void. Destiny seekers are secure in themselves,willing to admit they don't know something.

There's a saying that you cant learn to swim and hang on to the edge of the pool at the same time......The way you learn to swim is by getting in the water.....

                     To expand your knowledge and exposure in life,let go of the easy and familiar.,always get ready to know even if you know it,i don't know act to learn more is important,you don't have to be mister know all in every matter,always try to know,learn more to achieve a common goal in life......

                                                      LET GO AND LEARN!


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