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Old times shoot

Old times is a childhood experiences song for every youth , currently peter_walter is working on a song, probably we say a "EP" and he kind of left social media for sometime to re brand and recollect himself, we are waiting to see the magic



In a media driven world, it can be easy to see beautiful shots of celebrities, models and even your friends on Instagram and feels a tad insecure. this problem magnifies if, try as you might, you just cant take nice photo! Some people wrongly go through life thinking they are UN-photogenic and dodging the camera at any social event or holiday. not only does this mentality prevent them from capturing treasured memories with their loved ones, it greatly knocks their confidence. does this all sound a little familiar? if you are one of these people, we have a secret for you:
There is no such thing as an UN-photogenic person! we are all beautiful and individual, and the key to taking an amazing photo is to learn what looks good on camera and what does not!
that is where we can help; read on for our 7 easy tips that will unleash your inner model and boost your self esteem.

                            WEAR THE RIGHT CLOTHES  

  • what you wear for the camera will make all the difference. what looks great in person may not look so flattering on camera. throughout the process you will learn tips for dressing to impress, but our top tip would be to wear a clothes that make you feel confident. don’t force yourself into clothes you don’t like just for the sake of a better photo. you have to wear what you are comfortable dressup+ (1)

                                     FIX YOUR POSTURE

If you are uneasy in front of camera your natural instinct will be too slouch and make yourself seem smaller. you’ll likely fold your arms up, wring your hands or block your face with your hands.
All of this adds up to an awkward photo that you’re going to hate. No matter how hard it is,stand up straight with your arms in a natural position and you’ll notice a huge difference to your appearance in photos25637.png


If you’re staring at the camera like it’s the barrel of a gun, your anxiety will be written all over your face. try to disarm the camera by instead picturing your loved ones, whether that’s your mum,partner or pet dog etc. Look at the camera with love and your beauty will shine through.

                                  LEARN YOUR ANGLES

We all have parts of our body we don’t like, and it’s natural to feel your “problem area” is magnified in photos. The truth is that everybody is beautiful. If you do wish to draw attention to your best features instead, however, it’s as simple as learning your best angles. once you have this nailed, you’ll always look amazing. You can do some practice shots in different poses and see which works best for you.AMARELIS-lookbook-2017-Look-4-360nobs.jpg

                      FIND THE BEST LIGHTING 

The lighting in your photos will make a huge difference to how your photo will come out. Bad lighting will create all sorts of lumps and bumps that don’t actually exist and won’t be an accurate photo of what you look like. it will also fuel your insecurities. Remember, a bad photo is just one combination of lighting and angles out of thousands of possibilities!


The best way to find your lighting and angles is to practice having your photo taken a lot. it will likely be little uncomfortable at first, but as you get used to it and get more confident in front of the camera, you might even start to like it!
The last tip is a simple one; smile. A real, genuine smile will never look bad or ugly, so it’s the quickest way to make a photo look amazing


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